Our Role and Services

Well Being

The most important way we can help clients is by improving their overall well-being.  Our goal is to not only assist you financially but assist you holistically by providing comfort, support and most importantly practical solutions through many of the financial and personal stresses that arise in modern life.

Modern financial life is full of forms, log-in’s and web-sites and at Inspire Financial we guide you through these steps to ensure you understand and have clarity of the financial products you are involved with.

Investment Beliefs

Providing you a clear understanding of our investment beliefs is critical in forming our relationship

Our core beliefs are summarised by the following statements:

  • We believe understanding individual client circumstances and attitudes are critical to managing risk.
  • We believe that Advice strategy is critical in managing investment risk.
  • Asset allocation and diversification are the most important elements of achieving long-term returns.
  • The ability to dynamically allocate between markets, sectors and investments is important as conditions change over time.
  • A longer-term horizon reduces the uncertainty around investment outcomes.
  • Strong governance is critical to effective management of portfolios.

Building Wealth

Building wealth throughout your working life is essential to reaching financial independence. We provide strategies for building your superannuation and other forms of financial investments.

When building wealth, we focus on more than just your portfolio. We work with you to create good spending habits and strategies to not only increase your wealth but decrease the possibility of losing it.


We understand the needs of retirees during the transition into a new phase of life.  We want retirement to be a buoyant and joyful time, that with our planning and support, is some of the best years of a person’s life.  We will work with you to ensure you have clarity around the lifestyle that you can lead in retirement and how long your retirement funds will last. 

Specifically, we will assist by:

  • Understanding superannuation, the taxation implications, and by keeping on-top of legislative change.
  • The right approach to investment – we can provide ongoing support for a range of investment approaches to ensure your portfolio remains highly diversified and the rewards are appropriate for the level of risk taken.
  • Developing a retirement plan that is right for you – focused on providing you with an income stream that allows you to live your desired lifestyle.
  • Effective estate planning –assist you with robust discussions on transferring your wealth to the next generation in line with your wishes.
  • Explaining, assisting with applications and helping you manage your social security entitlements.

Personal Insurance

A comprehensive financial strategy includes preparing for the uncertain and those things you hope will never happen. You need to know that your family, your assets and your income stream are protected if the unexpected happens. Insurance is key to this protection. 

When developing your financial plan, we will consider your circumstances and recommend insurance products that best suit your needs.  We also understand that insurance premiums can be expensive and we work with you to balance obtaining appropriate and affordable cover.