Investment Philosophy


We acknowledge the importance of investment beliefs. Investment beliefs act as a bridge between high-level goals and practical decision making. A clear set of investment beliefs are a critical part of a strong investment governance framework.

Our view is that beliefs should go beyond a philosophical statement to practical principles and actions. Those principles and actions can help reduce the time spent in responding and reacting to uncertain environments.

Investment Philosophy Summary

We understand that every investor is different, with varying complexities surrounding all aspects of their lives. That is why we have developed an investment philosophy that we adhere to when developing and managing our clients’ investments. This ensures that our clients have an effective approach towards investment success so that we can focus on meeting their long-term goals and objectives.

Our investment philosophy is built on the following key beliefs:

  1. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do
  • Clarity of our client objectives is critical in designing appropriate investment solutions.
  • We believe understanding individual client circumstances and attitudes are key to managing risk.
  1. We ensure your portfolio is diversified at all levels
  • Asset allocation and diversification are the most important elements of achieving long-term returns
  • Diversification leads to more reliable investment outcomes. Index based investment options can be a valuable contributor to portfolio construction
  1. We let markets work for you
  • We invest for the long-term, focusing on asset allocation and diversification.
  • A longer-term horizon also reduces the uncertainty around investment outcomes
  1. We selectively look to take advantage of market opportunities
  • The ability to dynamically allocate between markets, sectors and investments is important as conditions change over time
  • Certain asset classes are less efficient and therefore active managers can generate excess returns and/or manage risk.
  1. We employ strong Governance to ensure our portfolio management is effective.
  • Effective governance can prevent or mitigate adverse effects on client portfolios.
  • Strong governance is a return driver over the long-run.
  1. We focus on effective implementation of your investments
  • Portfolio management should be efficient – speed of execution is important to control risk and capture opportunities

Costs matter and should be factored into decision making.